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“Hi Wendy, Dana, Charles, and Bob!

My husband and I are both very happy to have found you guys and your services and we know our (almost) 2 year old Boston, Kirby, loves spending time at the Den! Every time we pull up, his stump (the little tail he has) starts shaking (AKA wagging) which happens when he gets really excited. It’s nice to know he’s having a good time and not have to worry about him being home for a long period of time by himself and I know he probably just thinks of it as the most fun field trip in the world!

Doggie Den was the first place we ever took Kirby to for doggie daycare and being able to check on him every so often via the webcam helped put the minds of this pair of first-time-puppy-parents at ease. Among the many things we appreciate are:

Kirby gets a workout with lots of playmates and we get a pooped out pup who’s very mellow that evening (sometimes even the next day – it’s like a little vacation for us!). Thanks for offering these services! For anyone considering it, we highly recommend trying it out – large facility and a staff that takes to the dogs. It’s a great value for the service – thanks!” – Jolene & Steve – AKA Kirby’s parents

“I can’t say enough about the staff at the Doggie Den! Our older dog has ‘woofed’ at men his entire life-no exceptions-but when we stopped by the Den for the first time to check it out, there wasn’t a woof to be heard–it was dog whisperer like! We also have a teenage puppy who is what trainers call ‘reactive’ when meeting new people–but she loves everyone at Doggie Den. The way the staff at the Doggie Den handle the dogs while they not only interact with other dogs, but with staff and with other owners is just amazing–we couldn’t be happier! We drive from West Seattle to the Doggie Den–and it’s well worth the trip. – Michele E

“We were very leary of bringing Jack to a daycare, as we had not had the best experience at a previous daycare when Jack was little. But we, and Jack, have been very happy at The DoggieDen. Jack goes every Saturday and looks forward to seeing Wendy and Bob and running his little feet off. They are very dedicated to the dogs and we love it there!!!” – Cynthia

“The Doggie Den was a lifesaver for me when both my husband and I ended up having to travel out of state at the same time. My big dog was well-cared for and given lots of affection. It was great to know that although we couldn’t be with our dog, he was with nice people who were exercising him and giving him hugs!” – Nancy P

“Hi. My name is Bear. I’ve been coming to The Doggie Den for what seems like forever! I first came here so I could play in the doggie park without getting wet. It’s always fun because there is always other dogs to play with, and the people there are nice and keep an eye on me. My dad dropped me off at doggie daycare because he had stuff to do. That is great, too! Uncle Bob, who owns The Doggie Den and Wendy make sure we have fun and are good and tired when I leave. They don’t even get mad when I have an accident because I am playing so hard. They just clean it up and let us have fun. Once I spent 4 nights here when my dad went out of town, and Uncle Charles stayed with me so I woudln’t be lonesome. Dad says that the reason The Doggie Den is so great is because the employees really love dogs. So glad we found them!!!” – Bear

“I have used the Dogie Den on several occasions. A convenient location in the old DOL testing bldg. on Washington Ave. A roomy bulding that is kept very clean. They clean up after our dog Rusty right away. A good thing because he sure loves to leave his mark.The indoor floors are padded, and there are two outdoor areas for the dogs to do their thing. The prices seem very reasonable for day and overnight stays. As a matter of fact, they did not even charge me for a couple of short stays for Rusty. No way to run a business, but I will Take it. The staff are very friendly and attentive to your dogs. They separate the larger dogs from the smaller ones when the big guys get a little rough. Keep up the good work.” Mike N

“My name is Sophie, me and my cousin JR are so lucky to go to the doggie daycare on Wednesdays. I have asked my mom to type for me as it’s a little difficult to type with these paws. I just wanted to let everyone know how AMAZING it is to go to the Doggie den.  I was more excited than JR was our first time only because I am still young and like to play around with other dogs, JR is a little more quiet and likes things a little slow. Little did he know he was going to have the best day ever. When my mom pulls up we get so excited to see Bob and Dayna they are  there waiting for us with open arms we waddle in excitement we can’t wait to get out of the car.

At first JR was a little hesitant to go in, but once he got to know everyone he was alright. Then later that afternoon Wendy came in and she was his favorite person she let him go in the office with her as I was off playing with the big dogs in the amazing indoor doggie play park.  If you didn’t already know not only is there a great area for the daycare kids but also this awesome indoor dog park where we play ball and the big dogs climb the rocks, and sometimes we try to hide when it’s time to come back in. But Bob and Dayna always find us and in we go, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop there.  We go inside take a quick rest on the couch, yes you heard that correct the couch – we get to be on the couch and no one tells us to get down its heaven in there. My favorite time is when Dayna sits with me and JR and just loves us, she is so nice. I kind of think JR might have a crush on the ladies they give him a little extra love and he loves it. I personally like the big dogs, but JR has always been a little more human than me.  By the time my mom comes to pick us up we are exhausted and ready to go home and chill out for the rest of the night. We know she loves that part as we go home have dinner and we are done for the night. So the next time you drive by and see the big sign stop in and say hello, you will have the best time ever trust us we know, we love being a part of their family.

Just so you not thinking it’s all from our point of view here are a few words from my mom..

First I would like to say Thank you for coming to my office that one day to drop off a flyer. I grabbed my coworker and in we came.  I knew right away I was going to be dropping off my dogs. The facility was so nice and clean and the passion that both Bob and Charles had as they were giving us the tour was convincing enough. We came back to the office and I couldn’t stop talking about how great this place was.

I went home gave Sophie a good brush out so she would look pretty for her first day at doggie daycare. Not only is this place amazing your first visit is completely free. I dropped Sophie off for the day.  I was a little nervous because I have never dropped her off before but all that went away with yet another awesome thing they provide you when you sign up. You can watch your dog live from your phone.  I knew she was in good hands but just that little reassurance for me helped.

From that day on we have been coming once a week. Sophie and JR have both met new friends, and we have added everyone at the Doggie Den as our extended family. I can’t stop talking about this place to everyone that I know. I remember after picking Sophie up for the first time I went home and posted on Facebook how amazing this place was if anyone wants to take their dog in its worth it, I told everyone how clean the place is you would never know there were 8 dogs in there when we were there. They go out of their way to make it an amazing place, its clean, friendly and  I wish them many years of success. Take a moment to stop in say hello you won’t be disappointed and your dogs will love you for thinking of them. Thanks to everyone there, I can’t say thanks enough for being so great.  Love, Trina, Sophie and JR”

“My name is Theodore.  I am an adopted Lhasa Apso and I wanna say that the Doggie Den ROCKS! My “Servant” gets really busy and takes me there so I have friends of my own to play with!  I LOVE it!  I get my exercise, play-time, nap time, and my human caretakers even brush me and feed me my meds, if I have to take them.  (YUCK)  The Doggie Den humans are the nicest humans on the planet, too.  They are careful, watchful and playful.  And playing with the other doggies is SO MUCH FUN!!   I want ALL my furry pals to visit Doggie Den!  Its like Doggie Heaven!!   WOOF! -T

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