Indoor Dog Park

Your dog does the poopin we do the scoopin”

Indoor Dog Park Hours
Saturday:  10:00 am – 4:00 pm  (Daycare Customers Only)

The dog park is 4,000 sq. ft.,  indoors with rubber flooring and has an attached 1,500 sq.ft. fully fenced yard outside for a combined total of 5,500 square feet of fun for your pooch!  There is comfortable seating for you and your dogs throughout.

We have structural rocks that your dog can play on, around or run through. There is also shrubbery and a tug of war stump. (this is cool for owners who have the tug loving dogs)

We purify our water  and have plenty of watering stations for your dog.

We have a fridge if you want to keep something cold or you can enjoy a bottle of water on us. We clean up after mishaps and do 100% sanitation nightly.

ALL of our staff are canine first aid and CPR certified.

We have indoor plumbing for our clients. (no port-a-potty!)

No mud no mess!

To ensure the health and safety of our client, our requirements are the same for both the dog park and daycare.

Children under 18 must be acompanied by an adult.